Successful completion of Summer School "Cross Continental - Interethnic Relations for Peace’’

In the period from 18th to 27th of June 2014, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organized a Summer School entitled ''2014 Summer School Cross Continental - Interethnic Relations for Peace". This Summer School brought together candidates from around the world who study international relations, political science, diplomacy, international law, sociology and security studies, as well as all those who are interested in interdisciplinary studies, analysis and resolution of international conflicts, research on peace and preventive diplomacy.

The organizer of this Summer School was Senior Assistant at the International Relations Program of the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA), Nerkez Opačin. The School consisted of theoretical and practical parts: a theoretical part consisted of a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and presentations, while the practical part was composed of opportunities for gaining interactive experiences by visiting different institutions and organizations. Within the Summer School the presentations were also held by: Forum ZFD Michele Parente, Network for Peace building and CRS Goran Bubalo, PCRC Velma Šarić, Srećko Latal, Nina Serement, Lamija Landžo, Maja Sahadžić, Dr. Hariz Halilović, Prof. Dr. Ali Resul Usul and Nerkez Opačin.

The students who attended the Summer School had the opportunity to visit the most important institutions and international organizations in Sarajevo that are dealing with with human rights and promote them as well: the OSCE, OHR, the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EU Delegation UNDP, Historical Museum, as well as many others. With their instructor, participants also visited the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they had the opportunity to talk with the representatives of the Legal Department, the Public Relations Department and people representing the community within the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The students were very interested to learn more about the organization, structure and special characteristics of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they had an opportunity to pose many questions. At the end of the visit, the students were given materials with additional information on the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and were encouraged to follow the Court's work on its official website.

In addition to the educational role, the Summer School "Cross Continental - Interethnic Relations for Peace" gave an opportunity for contribution to promotion of the values of inter-ethnic societies, and to increase cooperation and understanding between the young people from different parts of the world. At the Campus of the International University of Sarajevo, in an international environment, the participants had the unique opportunity to meet and learn more about different cultures and countries, and thereby contribute to breaking the stereotypes and prejudices between and within the ethnic groups.

Bearing in mind the fact that in 2014 we mark the 100th anniversary since the beginning of the World War I, this Summer School was an ideal opportunity for the promotion of peace and international cooperation. Upon completion of the Summer School all participants were awarded with certificates of attendance by IUS Vice Rector, Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhamed Hadžiabdić.

By taking the world’s best universities as role models, it is significant to note that IUS for several years has continuously organized various types of summer schools. These schools were designed for students, graduates and other candidates, as well as high school students, with a focus on a variety of scientific disciplines. IUS has organized: Geekfest - Summer School of innovation, Youth Camp on Informatics, European Summer School with a focus on contemporary thought and identity politics, Summer School of English, and many others.