Successful Completion of MA Thesis at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is renowned for the quality of its teaching process and research. Our distinguished professors encourage students to think creatively and independently in a stimulating learning environment, providing them with the confidence, knowledge and ability to excel in their future professions and careers. Indeed, FASS professors are well-known for their knowledge, experience and effective teaching and mentoring methods.

FASS Faculty offers four masters programs: Clinical Psychology (PSY), Social and Political Sciences (SPS), Visual Arts and Communication Design (VACD) and English Language and Literature (ELIT). Currently more than 100 local and international MA students study at four study programs that FASS faculty offers. In the course of the completion of their MA thesis, students were properly guided to apply research methods and to conduct quality research. They successfully presented their study research and impressed the audience and the committee members with their knowledge, abilities and innovations.

Professors who were assigned as the mentors for MA Thesis gave full support to the students. Mentors were willing to share their knowledge, give proper research methodological guidance, provide timely feedback and give hearty, emotional and moral encouragement to MA students. They fully followed   student’s progress and as a result they have built strong, successful mentor-mentee relationships, which are characterized by mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. 

 During the month of June 2016, the following students successfully defended their MA Thesis at FASS:

  • Cemile Busra Ozsagir, “The relationship between procrastination and anxiety of Bosnian and Turkish students who study at private and state universities” (Mentor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Anela Hasanagic)
  • Mehmet Yasir Cebeci, “Effects of Internet overuse on the social life among the students of International University of Sarajevo” (Mentor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Anela Hasanagic)
  • Alper Fener, “The learning styles preferences of freshman students at IUS” (Mentor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Nudzejma Obralic)
  • Samiha Nefati, “Language learning strategies among IUS students” (Mentor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Almasa Mulalic)
  • Rik Binendijk, “Balkan influences in Turkish music since the 1980’s: Expressing a multicultural Turkish identity with Balkan sounds and tunes” (Mentor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Aliye F. Mataraci)
  • Emir Hambo, “Visual rhetoric as a means of interpretations of Quranic verses” (Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Kenan Zekic)
  • Zlata Delic, “Visual interpretation of symbols, metaphors, archetypes and allegories in Dante's Divine Comedy through contemporary forms of visual communication based on UX design principles” (Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Kenan Zekic)

We congratulate our students for their academic accomplishments and we are certain that they will continue to excel in their future endeavors.