Successful and talented professionals from VACD

Department of Art at IUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences recently received very favorable reports and news about the success of our graduates, postgraduates and undergraduate students dealing with video production and graphic design. Those are students who are professionally engaged in domestic and international projects and institutions in the development of conceptual and visual identity, product design, computer applications and promotional and informational campaigns.

Magistra Zlata Delic has a very successful design engagements and professional cooperation with advertising agencies, film companies and non-governmental organizations, as well as with USAID and World Vision for over a year. She worked on the visual identity for the German company MDC Licht & Kameratechnik GmbH, as well as web design for Cape Ann Enterprises.

Graduate student Mustafa Furkan Hizir engaged on visual identity, development of the program and the poster for the Youth Theatre in Sarajevo. Undergraduate student Fatih Er, published photos in the Urban magazine and Oslobodjenje, and his original work is on the cover of British book The Status of English in BiH.

These three young people and valuable designers were together with Emir Hambo, Haris Heljo and Roman Sulejmanpašić, part of a team exhibition posters creative and educational groups CREDU and conceptual creators of infographics. Last year, the first two awards in the competition "Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual Violence at the ICTY" won Amanada Besic and Muhammad Suiçmez.

Zlata Delic, Mustafa Furkan Hizir and Enisa Zatega are currently working on Film History Book, a visual guide as part of another CREDO.

VACD is proud of knowledge, talent, experience and working habits that our teachers have developed among students, and thereby produced reliable professionals and creative designers which are able to do their job everywhere in the world and with the highest professional standards.

Congratulations to Zlata Delic, Mustafa Furkan Hizir, Fatih Er, Amanda Besic and Muhammed Suiçmez.