Success of young designers from Department of Arts presented in Bosnian media

Urban Magazine September issue published the illustrations from the graduate thesis of Mustafa Furkan Hizir as integral part of the article Film Language and announced the new publication by IUS titled My Filmbook, as one of the CREDU (Creative Education VACD group) projects, edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta, Head of the Department of Arts. Head designer of this publication is Zlata Delic, and text was adapted by VACD student Enisa Zatega, as well as young Turkish designer Mustafa Furkan Hizir who is the author of the history of cinema illustrations and film terminology part of the book.

 “The Concise Illustrated Cinema History Theory and Terminology: MY FILMBOOK, is worldwide relevant and unique publication and rarely found in research on film publishing field. Urban got the exclusive copyrights for the first look on visual identity of this interesting book that was made specifically as a result of the research done by Mustafa Furkan Hizir on educational visual memory about film language through pictographic creative solutions adapted to the contemporary visual perception.” – states the Urban Magazine.

The mentioned research is part of the graduate thesis of Mustafa Furkan Hizir and is specific for the merge of the two track study programs of VACD: video and film studies with graphic design and illustration are incorporated into a unique research as a result of the learning outcomes of visual communication education of Department of Arts.