Students visit soda factory as a part of System Modeling and Control Course

As an initiative to bring the real-life control systems closer to students attending the course System Modeling and Control, on May 13 2011, IUS organized a trip to the soda factory Sisecam Soda Lukavac near Tuzla. The trip was lead by Assistant Prof. Emir Karamehmedović.

During the visit, the group of some 20 students had unique opportunity to see how control loops are realized in practice. From seeing various sensors, signal transmitters, junction boxes, cabling etc. in the field, to marshalling cabinets, PLCs, analog and digital input/output cards in the cabinets of the distributed control system (DCS) and the main control room from which all processes are monitored controlled, all in the main control building.

We at IUS are pleased that the company organized a presentation of the factory, including its long history, significance in chemical industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, product portfolio, process overview, opportunities for future employees and the roundtrip in the factory. The representatives of the factory also expressed their readiness to repeat this sort of visit by IUS students, and offer projects to students as well as support IUS automation laboratory.

The factory Sisecam Soda Lukavac has over 600 employees and is still growing, improving its efficiency and the range of products.