Students of IUS Made App for History Museum of BiH

Students of IUS made an app for History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Application was launched on International Museum Day, on May 20, 2017.

Džana Bašić, Amila Zimić and Rialda Spahić are senior students of Computer Science and Engineering at the International University of Sarajevo. From October to March 2017, these young programmers have developed Android application and Web Administrator application for the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The development process took place during the course Special Topics in Computer Science and was mentored by Doc. Dr. Jasminka Hasić-Telalović. During the process of development, the students had regular meetings with the director of the museum, Ms. Elma Hašimbegović in order to meet the requirements and needs of the Online Guide, the Museum Android application that is available for download on Google Play Store, as well as the another  application for administering the Guide.

Guided by their mentor, the three young ladies said that it was a great honor to present their knowledge as students of their University in such way, and to bring a dash of technology to the Bosnian culture. ”It is nothing new that the historical values kept in the museum are being less visited and that young people in particular are less interested in learning about their history. Since we live in the era of smartphones, we hope that our work will inspire our people and tourists to visit this 70 year old museum”, the programmers said.

The app available on Google Play was named "Historijski muzej BiH".

This is just one example that our country has more potential than people are aware of, and that the future is bright with such students that are both skilled and passionate to work for the culture. Thank you Amila, Rialda, Džana and dr. Jasminka for fighting for right values in the best possible way!