Students of Bosnian origin from USA visited IUS

On Wednesday, 6th of August 2014, a group of students from of Bosnian origin from USA, visited the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). The visit was organized by the Office for International Cooperation, PR Office, and the Office for Sports and Student Activities with cooperation of Madrasa  „Osman ef. Redžović“. Students who come from a different cities and states of USA such as Saint Clara, Jacksonville, New York, Chicago, California and Texas, were warmly welcomed by representatives of the IUS. The reason for their visit to BiH is their participation in the Summer School of Islam "Little Madrassa 2014", which was successfully organized for several years by Madrasa  „Osman ef. Redžović“ from Veliko Čajno from Visoko.

Haris Hojkurić, Senior Assistant at the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA), was the initiator of this visit and the aim was at introducing students to the study programs offered by the IUS and options exchanges and the arrival of students from abroad to study at IUS. During the visit, high school students have visited all the IUS facilities and spent a quality time with IUS employees at the Campus. Also, students had the opportunity to see the promotional video and presentation about the University. Soon after that, students had an interesting discussion where they had an opportunity to ask questions that are related to the possibilities of studying, official language and of course the programs that IUS offers.

"Your visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the country of origin of your parents, get to know its people, customs and traditions. You should never forget that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country and has a lot to offer. The future of this country is you too"- said Haris Hojkurić. After the tour, the students had a lunch at the restaurant, where they had an opportunity to socialize, share their impressions and talk with representatives of the IUS.