Students from Bosnian American Diaspora at IUS

Life can be very challenging sometimes and take us to the places far away from what we call home in our hearts, but most people eventually find their way back. During the last Bosnian war, a huge number of people immigrated throughout Europe and especially USA. Bosnian Diaspora plays a very important part in both social and economic aspects of Bosnia and Herzegovina today.  While searching for prosperity and better tomorrow, nostalgia is all-consuming; the smell of the Bosnian coffee, meeting with family and relatives and the sense of belonging is definitely something priceless.

Today, IUS is proud to have two very ambitious Master’s students Dinka Hodžić and Zerina Modronja, who are part of the Bosnian American Diaspora. They are willing to share their stories with the International Relations Office staff members who are in charge of the international admissions at IUS. 

Dinka Hodžić was born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina but grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She decided to continue her academic career at IUS in International and Public Relations Program, where she is expecting to reach her full potential while reconnecting with her culture and experiencing all wonders of Bosnia. “Here at IUS I am striving for greatness and I expect to be presented with rigorous coursework so that I am being challenged and I know here I will reach my full potential”. She is definitely breaking American stereotypes. She is showing us that IUS, through its rich curriculum and policies, meets high-level education standards. She plans to pursue her PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology.

Zerina Modronja was born and raised in Iowa, Des Moines, but her family is from Prijedor/Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is developing her career in the field of Clinical Psychology, on a question why she actually chose IUS, she responded “At a time when all of our younger generations are leaving Bosnia, I decided to enterI applied to three graduate programs in New York and two in California, but once I knew that I had been accepted to IUS, I did not even think twice about enrolling anywhere else”. She is very enthusiastic about experiencing the Bosnian culture from the first hand, going through the famous Baščaršija and hearing the sound of your language is something incomparable. She plans to pursue her PhD in Neuropsychology.

They both agree that it is very difficult to live 8000 kilometers away from your family and friends, but this can also be very motivating for our new successful students to get to know their country better and enjoy in their path to the future challenges of IUS.