Students attend speech by US State Secretary

During the two-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, on October 11th and 12th, 2010, United States State Secretary Mrs. Hillary Clinton met with students and representatives of civil society at the National Theatre in Sarajevo. The event was organized by a nongovernmental organization Civitas from Sarajevo.

Amongst attendees invited was also a group of ten students from all programs of International University of Sarajevo. The main aim of the event was for Mrs. Clinton to meet with youth, future leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina and hear their opinions of current topics.

In her speech to students, Mrs. Clinton emphasized the necessity to carry out constitutional reforms in order to make government more efficient, adding that it is important to attract foreign investors to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"United States of America support Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole, USA will not support succession or threats with it. Analysis concluded that only Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole can be strong enough to be a player in this region" said Mrs. Clinton.

The event ended with question and answer session between Mrs. Clinton and students.