Students and professors pay respect to Srebrenica victims

Fifteen years after the biggest mass murder in the European history since World War II, 775 victims of Srebrenica genocide were laid to rest. More than 30.000 people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world gathered on July 11, 2010 to pay respect to these victims and perform janazah prayer.

Amongst them were also professors and students of the International University of Sarajevo, as well as their guest from Turkey. To remember this day in which more than 8.000 Bosniak Muslims were killed, IUS Senate has declared July 11 - Memorial Day of the Genocide in UN Protected Area of Srebrenica at the University.

Srebrenica genocide was committed while the city was under the UN protection by the Serbian forces. The commander of Serbian forces, General Ratko Mladić has still not been captured or prosecuted for his crimes.