Student survey completed at IUS

In order to promote the student survey activity titled ''Cannot spell IUS without us'', conducted from 17 to 30 December, 2015 at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), a Ceremony was organized for 14 lucky winners on Wednesday, December 30, 2015. A total of 14 students were awarded gift vouchers where they will be able to select movies of their choice at the "Cinema City Sarajevo". During the Ceremony, the president of the Students' Parliament ''SPIUS'', Nežla Greda stressed the importance of student participation in student survey, and announced the names of the lucky winners drawn from the box. Vouchers worth 30 KM (1 voucher = 2 cinema tickets + refreshments) were won by:

  1. Ilma Hasić,
  2. Adem Burak Guler,
  3. Esma Kurbegović.

Vouchers worth 14 KM (1 voucher = 2 cinema tickets) were won by:

  1. Nurullah Karaca,
  2. Halid Kasapović,
  3. Resul Kalyoncu,
  4. Ahmet Turgul Yetim,
  5. Samra Kurić,
  6. Senad Burdžović,
  7. Dilara Nurefsan Demir,
  8. Ahmed Babić,
  9. Lamija Herceg,
  10. Ahmed Koylu,
  11. Fatma Zehra Ozcan.

We congratulate the lucky winners and invite you all to take part in the upcoming student surveys. Vouchers can be collected in the Student Affairs Office of the IUS.