Student of IUS Presented His Idea for Solution of JKP GRAS Problems

Student of IUS Belmin Selimbegović has designed the project "GRAS for EKO Future" which aims to introduce ecological electricity production in the company. The project is based on the idea of ​​generating solar energy by using solar panels.

“The goal of the project, after installing solar panels, would be to ensure certain annual income, which would be used to pay the current debt of GRAS. This could eventually result in the clearance of the debts of this company. The sustainability of the project and its economic stability exceeded the ‘average’ expectations (budgets with average parameters) 12 times”, said Selimbegović.

With "GRAS for EKO future" project Sarajevo would, in his opinion, become the first capital of the world to implement such concept, and become the largest “solar power plant city”, covering 35,000 square meters.

The collective of IUS congratulates Belmin on his enormous success.