Student Belmin Selimbegović Took Part in Conference: “Integrating the Western Balkans into NATO and the EU”

NGO Atlantic Council in BiH organized a conference on topic: “Integrating the Western Balkans into NATO and the EU” from November 10 -13, 2017 in Međugorje. Belmin Selimbegović, student of International University of Sarajevo (IUS), was among the participants.

In the conference there were discussions on the role of education in the peace-building process, BiH politics in the EU integration process, and other topics.

Belmin Selimbegović addressed the audience during a session on the topic of Cyber Terrorism, together with Dr. Zlatogor Micev, NATO expert for the ICT. The presentation was about categories of systems that NATO has at its disposal and the ways in which BH membership in NATO would contribute to their development.

The conference gathered political representatives, representatives of public administration and diplomacy, representatives of media and NGOs, whilst the target group of the conference were students of BH universities.

The conference was supported by NATO Diplomacy from Bruxells, but also by the local Federal Ministry of Education and Science.

The organizer Atlantic Council in BiH is an NGO which has links to the NATO in Bruxells, and which promotes the ideas and values to the public that the NATO membership is beneficial for every country.

Recently, Belmin Selimbegović has become an assistant to the president of Atlantic Council in BiH, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dijana Grupta from Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar