SPIUS visits Prof.Dr. Senaid Memić, the Mayor of Ilidza

Student Parliament representatives of IUS (SPIUS) visited Ilidza Municipality, and the Mayor of Ilidza, Prof. Dr. Senaid Memic, on behalf of students to discuss their rights and overall situation, not only within IUS, but also outside of IUS. The meeting was held on Tuesday, December 04, 2012 and special topics and students issues were discussed for almost 2 hours.

At the beginning of this sincere conversation, the Mayor talked about Ilidza, and pointed out that Ilidza Municipality is working with the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) and United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) to create better standards for students. He also emphasized that the Major 2013 Summit can be held in Sarajevo and at the IUS. In his speech he mentioned that he thinks of Ilidza as a small student's town because of the increased number of students in Ilidza.

The conversation was continued and issues such as security of students around Ilidza were discussed and it was mentioned that it is important to create an environment that is safer and better place for living of us all.

Prof. Dr Memić was also very positive in receiving prospective suggestions of students concerning the shuttle-bus that follows the road in front of SSST and IUS.

Furthermore, he pointed out that he is willing to give a speech for students at IUS in the following months for overall debate, discussion, seminar, or conference.

Another aim to visit the Mayor was to congratulate him for his new term on behalf of the IUS students. May he always keep up the good work and may he achieve more success ahead.