Speech of Prof. Dr. Sarıkaya, President of Board of Trustees

Dear Graduates, Distinguished guests, Dear members of the IUS family,

Today we are here to bid farewell to the Class of 2019, and it is my great pleasure to welcome you all. Class of 2019, congratulations! After years of hard work, your diploma is the reward.

This is not only your day, but also a day for your parents, professors, the wider IUS family and friends. Let me express many thanks to the Ministry of Education and Youth in Sarajevo and Mostar, the other local institutions that we cooperate closely with to provide you with the best possible services, such as the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education in Mostar, municipalities, other universities in BiH, the Foreigners’ Bureau, The Chamber of Commerce and many others too numerous to mention.

Dear guests, IUS is still a young institution. In the past 15 years, there has been remarkable progress, and I would like to mention a few here:

- Our well-established campus and physical facilities

- Our excellent teaching team

- Our modern study and research environment

We are still somewhat behind on the number and diversity of students we target, so to address this issue, we have taken several important steps.

One step is assigning professional agencies to reach international candidates.

We seek to become truly international, and are actively recruiting students from a wide geography.

Also, we have initiated the first double diploma programs with one of the highly ranked universities in the world.

As of the next academic year, Istanbul Technical University, currently ranked 169 on the top universities list, and IUS, will be offering four double diploma programs.

These are Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Economy and Electronics and Communication Engineering.

This is the first step. We are in the process of increasing such cooperation for our students.

Dear graduates, we hope and expect that, after you leave these halls, you will remain a part of IUS, and contribute to its development by adding your voice to its future steps, by taking an active part in its future growth and spread.

You will always be known by your first home in higher education so however the IUS brand grows, so will the value of your diploma. I wish you all success in your professional life and strongly urge you to retain your ties with this family.

Thank you.