So you think you know Japan?

Ms. Risa Kamio, Director of Educational Programs at The Japan-America Society of Washington DC, gave a lecture entitled “So you think you know Japan?” on Thursday, January 15, 2015. This short introductionofJapanese language and culture is organized by IUS Lifelong Learning Center (IUS Life) and took place in the university main amphitheater. 

Through an interactive approach to the audience, Ms. Kamio presented the language, culture and tradition as well as  Japanese signs,  symbol and meanings with the illustrative  explanations of three main writing systems. “Japan is very unique country, in sense of its culture, tradition and Japanese people themselves '' - said Ms. Kamio. During the presentation she also spoke about the way of life in the land of sunrise that is very different in comparison to other parts of the world. 

At the end of her presentation Ms. Kamio announced organizing courses of the Japanese language at the IUS Life in the spring this year. Japanese language program for beginners will be will be organized with the support of  the Japanese Embassy in BiH.