Small People Make Big Difference: Help for Žepa pupils

During the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, small town of Žepa became one of three Bosniak enclaves in Eastern Bosnia, along with Srebrenica a short distance downstream and Gorazde farther upstream. In April 1993 Žepa was declared a United Nations safe area. In July 1995, the town was captured by the Army of Republika Srpska who expelled the population.

Following the end of the war, small group of Bosniaks returned to Žepa to build their lives from beginning. Having in mind the conditions that returnees to Republika Srpska live in, professors from IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dr. Muhamed Hadziabdic, Dr. Emir Karamehmedovic and Dr. Haris Jasarevic together with Asim Sarajlic (Representative at Bosnian State Parliament), Sanin Hrbat (general manager of Penny Plus doo) and Erol Sarvan (manager at Strabag doo), agreed to provide the each of Žepa pupils with 50KM scholarship on monthly basis. The scholarships were handed to six elementary school students in Žepa on Friday, February 11, 2011.

Special thanks go to FENS Faculty staff for their support showed on fundraising lunch that raised total of additional 300KM. Also, following people supported the action that resulted with one-time additional 150KM and gift boxes per student: Dr. Muhidin Mulalic (IUS Vice Rector), Osman Jahic, Asmin Veladzic, Muris Korjenic, Salih Hadzimusovic, Behudin Stroil, Ernes Jukic, Kenan Buturovic, Amer Jusufbegović i Fahrudin Hadzic.

There are many such schools in Eastern Bosnia villages. We hope this will be just beginning and that students and staff at IUS will be driving force of bringing hope to all children who returned in Republika Srpska that will also one day be our excellent students.