"Sit in My Chair" workshop successfully completed

The "Sit in My Chair" workshop, which was held during the period from 19th to 28th May 2014, was successfully completed and final results were presented on Thursday, June 5th, 2014. The workshop was designed and organized by the Senior Assistant at the Architecture program of IUS, Tijana Tufek-Memišević, in cooperation with the University Clinical Center (UKCS) and the Association of Paraplegics and those suffering from polio in Canton Sarajevo (UPODP).

The workshop aimed to provide support in solving the problem of removing physical barriers for free movement of persons with diminished physical abilities and it consisted of practical, theoretical and creative part. The theoretical part of the lecture was held at the Institute for scientific research and development in the UKCS, where students had the opportunity of listening besides Tijana Tufek-Memišević, the Advisor for Technical Affairs Assist. Prof. Dr. Mirela Imširija, the President of the UPODP,  Zula Selimović and IUS student, Dženana Brkić, from the perspective of blind and visually impaired persons.

During the next day, the practical part of the workshop was held and architecture students of IUS simulated the movement of persons with reduced physical abilities and used medical and orthopedic devices to visit the facilities and areas of the University Clinical Center (UKCS) and also make observations on how much the current environment and buildings are adjusted to accommodate the needs of the persons in need. "The workshop is intended for students of architecture which as future designers of living environments should have a special awareness while creating building solutions for all users in different facilities and areas" said the organizer of the workshop Tijana Tufek-Memišević. She also stressed that the workshop aims to raise public awareness about the issues the persons with diminished physical abilities face as well as practical solutions for overcoming these barriers.

The results of the project that were presented on the last day of the workshop included an action plan with two units of universal design applicable both in the facilities and areas of UKCS and the entire city of Sarajevo.