Şenol Güneş held a lecture at IUS

After the welcome organized at our University, Mr. Güneş performed a football kickoff team match between IUS and SPUS (a team of University of Sarajevo), played on the International University of Sarajevo Campus.

There is also a luncheon and tour of Sarajevo organized by Alpha. After visiting Sarajevo's Old Town, Mr. Şenol Güneş gave a lecture in the amphitheater of our University.

During the lecture Mr. Şenol Güneş explained that the process of education is the same as in sports where the most important are tactics, techniques, work and persistence.

''When I was growing up and throughout my career, I was always told "You will be in my place one day". Those who receive education will surely one day replace those who provide education. But, always it is important to stay diligent. The most important thing is when I pass down the street and meet with ordinary people, just to hear 'Marhaba' and see that they were pleased with everything I have achieved. Because the real treasure is for a man's feet to remain firmly on the ground, as a fighter on its way but with family and friends as the only wealth of the world.'' said Mr. Gunes.

Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Özer Cınar, gave our guests a symbol of Sarajevo made of copper as a nice souvenir of this visit. Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu, President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo, presented to our guest a book with photos and all the historical details of Sarajevo.

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