Senior Assistant Alma Jeftiċ presented her research at the University of Cambridge

Senior Assistant Alma Jeftiċ participated in the conference „Places of Amnesia: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Forgotten Pasts“ that was held at Mill Lane Lecture Theatres, University of Cambridge from April 5th until April 6th, 2016. Alma Jeftiċ was the only participant invited from Bosnia-Herzegovina and her paper titled „From 'Place of Amnesia' to 'Place of Conscience': The Case of Hotel 'Vilina Vlas' in Višegrad“ was selected among a huge number of excellent papers from all over the world.

The conference aim was to develop a dialogue between subject experts, established scholars and young researchers on how historical events, people, places and cultural texts have not been included in the representation of the past, as well as to analyse the aspects of collective memories for past events. Alma Jeftiċ presented her research on the case of hotel „Vilina Vlas“ in Višegrad that was well known welness center before 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but was turned into a concentration camp for women during the war, and „re-organised“ as a hotel again after the war. The major aim of the research was to propose the elements for the reorganisation of hotel „Vilina Vlas“ from „place of amnesia“ to the „place of conscience and mutual dialogue“.

More than 60 established academics and young scholars participated in the event together with the distinguished keynote speakers Dr. Carlo Ginzburg and Dr. Paul Connerton.