Seminar on measurement and management of WiFi networks held at IUS Life.

On Tuesday, Agust 28th 2018 the first in a series of seminars on measurement and management of WiFi networks, was held in the premises of the International University of Sarajevo.
The seminar was organized by the IUS Lifelong Learning Center and MICOM BH d.o.o., and this five-hours event covered thefollowing topics;
Wi-Fi technology and standards
Wi-Fi wiring certification
Wi-Fi network planning and design testing
Wi-Fi networks and modes problems
Testing services
(roaming, range test, performance)
Seminar was attended by representatives of Telemach, Sarajevo  and Unis Telekom d.d. Mostar and the lecturer was Nemanja Radic, Micom TM International d.o.o., Beograd.
The next seminar is planned for the fall of 2018.