Selma Harrington from Griffith College Dublin visited IUS

International Relations Office of the IUS organized a lecture of Selma Harrington, lecturer and coordinator of the master's program of design and interior architecture at Griffith College Dublin. Selma Harrington gave a lecture to architecture students of the IUS titled “Sustainable diversity: A role of architect in contemporary society” on Monday, October 19, 2015. Representatives of the management and professors of architecture program welcomed this distinguished guest from Ireland. After emphasizing the importance and role of the architectural profession in the modern world, professor Harrington talked about possible challenges and the application of architecture as a ''sustainable'' branch of science. She presented the current activities of professional networks on the European and global level and the interconnection between practice and education. After the lecture a work meeting was organized at which respective parties discussed the possibility of linking the academic staff and students from Griffith College Dublin with the IUS, in the framework of joint projects, workshops and summer schools. Currently, the negotiations for the signing of inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement with the aim of exchanging students and professors in the field of visual arts, design and architecture have started.