''Self-defense'' Seminar at IUS

A three-day seminar on “Self-defense” began at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. IUS student and kickboxing champion of BiH in the category up to 71 kg, Belmin Selimbegović opened the Seminar and welcomed all participants. The organizer of the Seminar was Department of Social, Cultural and Health Activities (SACHS). During the event, champion Selimbegović talked about the concept that includes lectures and practical exercises on active self-defense. Ismir Jusko, a 5 dan master of karate and 4 dan master of Jiu Jitsu techniques spoke about self defense and emphasized the importance for every individual to master the skills and know to react in the times of crisis. 

All participants were invited to the practical training after the lecture in IUS Sports Hall. Practical self-defense training sessions were held for IUS students and academic staff and employees under professional supervision of Ismir Jusko and Belmin Selimbegović. On the second and third day of the Seminar, the practical training was held in the lobby of the A building and at the end of the seminar the participants received certificates for participation.