The scientific-research project of the International University of Sarajevo "Edition Bosniaks" promoted at National Theater of Sarajevo

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the historical return of the name Bosniak, I volume of "Edition Bosniaks" was promoted in the National Theater of Sarajevo.

What makes IUS particularly proud is the fact that the "Edition Bosniaks" is the result of the scientific research project of the International University of Sarajevo, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton, and the head of the scientific research project is Prof. Dr. Admir Mulaosmanović , Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at IUS.

It is a scientific-research project done in cooperation with the media company "Simurg Media" (the initiator of the project is the weekly magazine "Stav"), the Public Institutions Museum "Alija Izetbegović" and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). Partners are the Bosniak National Council from Serbia, the Bosniak Council in Montenegro, the Bosniak National Community of Croatia and the Bosniak Cultural Association of Slovenia.

The project was realized under the auspices of the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Bakir Izetbegović.

The editor-in-chief of the “Edition Bosniaks" project is Filip Mursel Begovic, and executive editor Mahir Sokolija. The project coordinators are Fahrudin Rizvanbegović and Adnan Žiško.

The ten books "Edition Bosniaks" will be published in two volumes, and the first volume presents the books "Bosnian Language", "A Short History of the Culture of Bosniaks", "A Short Political History of Bosniaks", "Alija Izetbegović" and "Bosniaks about Bosnia and Themselves - A selection from Bosniaks’ literature and essays.”

During the promotion of the first volume in the National Theater, an introductory film about the Bosniaks’ Council was shown, and an appropriate musical program was organized.

Professor Mulaosmanović said: "We are proving an important thing tonight. We have the generations who have the knowledge, strength, and will to research, write and explain to their people the most important topics essential for nurturing and preserving identity, to explain themselves to themselves and to the others," said Mulaosmanović .

He emphasized that it is important to have a future in which the Bosniak people will have reliable institutions that care about their spiritual, cultural and educational progress.

He added that the goal was to reach the wide audience and that the format was easy to read, understandable and simple.

BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegović said that the project of the first volume of books "Edition Bosniaks" is an example of a quality and socially responsible project.

"We have everything we need to restore the existing foundations of Bosniaks’ and Bosnian identity". We have young and capable scientists in the first place, in which we have to invest more. These brief guidelines in the fundamental issues of our people, language, history, culture, faith, our national leaders, will open the doors of making encyclopedias, vocabularies, lexicons, literary anthologies, "added Izetbegović.

Parts from the book published in the edition "Bosniaks about Bosnia and Themselves - A Choice of Bosniaks’ Literature and Essays" were also read.

The promotion of the second volume is planned for the end of 2018, or in 2019, when the public will be presented the titles "A Brief History of Bosniaks", "A Brief History of Islam in BiH", "A Brief History of Bosniaks’ Literature", "Genocide of Bosniaks" and "A Brief History of the Army of Republic of BiH ".

Finally, the Map of the Cultural Heritage of Bosniaks , illustrated by Emir Isović, a PR Officer at the International University of Sarajevo was presented . The map graphically shows the geographical distribution of cultural heritage, which we inherited from our ancestors and which we decided to preserve and deliver to the next generations.

The Rector of the International University of Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yildirim, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to BiH H.E. Haldun Koc, and many state officials and other guests attended the promotion.