SBF - The educational potential of the region

On the second day of Sarajevo Business Forum 2012, a panel discussion was held on the educational process in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and potential investments in this segment of society.

Mr. Damir Masic the Minister of Education and Science Federation of Government stated that the topic was "Educational potential of the region".

One of the participants, Professor. Dr. Özer Cinar, the rector of the International University of Sarajevo, stressed his speech that education is one of the priority areas for investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"If we want to establish a stable and prosperous region, it is necessary to support the educational process," said Prof.Dr.Cinar, adding that the multi-ethnic atmosphere in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina provided a further reason for investing in a quality education.

He said Turkish investments in education in Bosnia and Herzegovina with positive results reflect the daily performance of pupils and students of International University of Sarajevo in the fields of mathematics, physics and other fields whose research units to develop in IUS.

Quality is the only condition for successful education but opportunities and multicultural environment in which we find ourselves are also important.