Sarajevo Research Centre construction continues

As the Campus of International University of Sarajevo continues to grow, another important building is being constructed at the moment – Sarajevo Research Centre, modern university centre that will gather in one place researchers, professors and students from all over the Europe. With the finishing of this Centre, International University of Sarajevo is one step closer to its aim of becoming centre of excellence and research centre number one, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but in the Balkans as well.

"A good teaching university can only become reality if there are research activities going on at it, which is an international standard. Our strategy is to make International University of Sarajevo research University and city of Sarajevo hub of learning, science, technology, arts, architecture, sociology and political sciences through out region" said Prof. Dr. Hilmi Unlu, Rector, about this unique project. Prof. dr. Unlu added that the construction of the building of the Centre is scheduled for the first half of the 2011, after which the work on the inside infrastructure will continue.

With an area of 1300 meters square, Sarajevo Research Centre will consist of labaratories for: bioengineering, genetics, chemistry, physics, mechatronics and electronics, and computer sciences. In accordance with the needs of the Centre, labs will be equipped with the latest technologies. "Thanks to the founder of International University of Sarajevo, Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF), the purchasing of equipment has already started" said prof. dr. Unlu. Infrastructure of the labs will be specially adjusted in order to enable the conduction of interdisciplinary researches.

Thus, researchers, professors and their students will be able to conduct researches at International University of Sarajevo in the areas of bionanotechnology, nanoelectronics and nanomechanics. Center will also provide different types of practical support to the students of the IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and its programs: Biological sciences and bioengineering, Computer sciences and engineering; Microelectronics, Industrial engineering, Material Sciences and Engineering and System Design.

"Working in the Centre, faculty members of International University of Sarajevo will be able to show their abilities and potential to carry out pioneering research in these branches of science. The outcomes of these researches will be implemented in the areas of energy, defense technologies, health and agriculture" explained Prof. Dr. Unlu.

In achieving these goals faculty members of International University of Sarajevo will collaborate and cooperate with scientists and researchers from the other Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, so that they can compete in international area.