Rufford Preservation Organization Approved a Project of IUS Assistant Ms. Emina Šunje

Within approved projects of the Rufford Preservation Organization there is also a research project whose carrier is Ms. Emina Šunje, an assistant in the Genetics and Bioengineering program, of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at IUS.

The research that Ms. Šunje will carry out is related to the field of molecular ecology and molecular evolution, which are very significant in the broader field of conservation genetics.

The project will work on: a comparative analysis of the Austrian Alps and the Dinara population in order to prove the Salamandra atra subspecies prenjensis, whose biological status of classification is not completely accepted in scientific circles.

Analysis that will clarify the issue subspecies include a comparative analysis of Austrian and local species through: measurement of selected quantitative and qualitative morphological traits of Alpine and Dinaric copies, through study of behavior, which includes an analysis of the collected feces of animals and analysis of stomach contents of captured individuals. The stomach contents will be analyzed through genetic methods (PCR) at the University of Salzburg, by Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmer and Prof. Dr. Veronique Helfer, and the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo will test the specimens for Hitridiomikozu (a fungal disease that causes the disappearance of amphibians on the planet Earth).

On the field ecological studies shall be made as well, which imply analysis of abiotic factors habitats, and research MIF ratio, juveniles etc.

These studies are of great importance for the protection and promotion of the natural resources of B&H, which have not been explored, and are of interest for the research carried out in the world.

For more information about the project, please visitšunje

International University of Sarajevo is proud of the fact that his team has young academicians and researchers like Emina Šunje, who actively contributes to the development of scientific and research activities at IUS.

It is significant to note that Ms. Šunje is actively involved in teaching at the Summer School of Innovation, molecular cloning section, which is currently being held at IUS.