Right now at IUS: IIIT European Summer School 2016

IIIT European Summer School by the name of ‘Muslims in Europe: Challenges of Pluralismis organized by IIIT London Office, Institute for Epistemological Studies Europe, Brusselsand Center for Advanced Studies, Sarajevo in cooperation with The Fairfax Institute, USA.

The IIIT European Summer School is hosted by the International University of Sarajevo in the period from August 10-24, 2016. The program is designed for European undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in Islamic studies, humanities and the social sciences as well as those interested in developing their knowledge and expertise in different topics.

Topics that will be covered are: Crisis of Islamic Civilization, Approaching the Qur’an and the Sunnah Today, Bio Ethics: An Islamic Perspective, Islam in Europe, Research Methodology for Islamic Sciences and Studies, Future Studies in Postnormal Times, Non-profit Governance, Major Concepts in Contemporary Islamic Thought and Issues in Revival and Reform.

Like every year, speakers will be one of the most prestige names in above mentioned areas of study, such are: Dr. Ahmet Alibašić, Dr. Johnatan Brown, Dr. Omar Hasan Kasule, Dr. Fikret Karcic, Dr. Jorgen Nielsen, Dr. Fathi Malkawi, Dr. Ziaudin Sardar, Dr. Yaqub Mirza, Dr. Ermin Sinanovic.

The program will also provide an opportunity for participants to present and discuss their particular research in workshops. IIIT European Summer School organized trips to Srebrenica and Mostar which are one of the visited destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of 14 days program, participants will finish their research and instruction as well as receive a certificate of attendance provided by the organizers at the International University of Sarajevo.