RIGHT NOW: II testing for scholarship due to great interest for studying at IUS

High school students from all around Bosnia used the opportunity today to win scholarship at IUS. II testing for scholarship was organized at IUS, on Saturday 28th of May. Students who didn’t approached first scholarship testing now had the opportunity to achieve discount for studying from 100%, 85%, 75%, 50%, 35%, 25% i 15%, which are given by founder of IUS SEDEF Foundation

This year, 1,600 students participated in the first exam and more than 1000 was given.

This higher education institution has offered in the past 12 years quality education to domestic and foreign students in all three study cycles. The university developed rapidly and was among the first in BiH whose classes are adapted to European standards. IUS currently offers 21 program at 5 faculties, including recently established Faculty of Law and Faculty of Education.