Representatives IUS LEC visited Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship from Medina

Representatives of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center (LEC) of International University of Sarajevo (IUS) visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the period from 1st to 12th February, 2015. LEC delegation consisted of Amar Ćemanović, Dino Mujčić, Mirnes Baltić, as well as students Eldar Spahić and Alen Mahmutović. The first visit was one to the University of Taibah in Medina. On that occasion, IUS representatives gave presentation of the Development Center as well as Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center (LEC) and International University of Sarajevo, Research and to Rector, Vice-Rectors and management the University of Taibah. 

During the meeting, a return visit of the delegation from the University of Taibah to LEC was arranged, whose representatives have expressed particular interest in research projects, as well as education program. After the sightseeing tour of the Campus, LEC Delegation had a meeting with the representatives of the Center for Entrepreneurship of the Medina College of Technology. This was an excellent opportunity for developing business network with the Centre that carries the same name as the one we have at IUS. They also visited the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship from Medina (MILE - Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship).