Rector's message to students and parents


Dear Students and Respected Parents,

I would like to inform you about the recent developments concerning the corono virus issue and the actions taken by IUS to continue functioning as an educational institute.

First of all, we would like you to stay calm and not to panic. All precautions have been taken by BIH authorities, and concurrently at IUS. As a university we have reacted immediately to the situation and taken a series of actions. We have decided to move classes online early on. Over 90 % of the courses will be delivered using different online approaches, such as online education platforms, live video conference systems, e-mail services, etc. Only a few courses, tutorials or labs will not be delivered online due to the nature of these activities. These courses will be rescheduled and made up after the break.

Secondly, we asked our students not to leave the country unless it is absolutely necessary. As an international university, half of our students come from more than 40 different countries. All of you know that infection rates of Covid 19 are different in different countries. Moving from one country to another and coming back from those countries may actually create a higher risk for the pandemic. In addition, we do not really know, nor can we make a guess regarding how long this suspension will remain in effect. It is not certain if it will be extended or not. It is also not known how the epidemic will develop in your home countries. Therefore, you may be subject to two weeks of quarantine upon return. Further, in the meantime, in response to the developing situation, one or more countries may close their borders or impose other travel restrictions, making it impossible for you to return. In addition, any of our international students who do not have a residence permit sticker or a valid potvrda may face any number of problems upon returning to the BIH border. Of course, we will always communicate with the respective authorities to solve any problems our students may face upon their return.

Things are changing on a daily basis. That is why we are trying to inform you all the time with video messages and with announcements on our social media accounts and webpage. Prof Dr Sencer Yeralan will be our spokesman to inform you regularly whenever it is needed. Please keep following our communication channels.