Public lecture by Dr. Stallman at the International University of Sarajevo

Today 24 th April 2012 at the International University of Sarajevo held the first public lecture. Dr. Richard Stallman.

Dr. Richard Stallman is famous for many things, among others as the leader of the free software movement, the leader of the GNU project, the author of GNU software license (commonly used software licenses in the world), co-author of GNU / Linux operating system, the creator and developer of software applications for a wide Linux / Unix, such as Emacs, the GNU compiler collection and others.

In the great amphitheater of our faculty, students, guests and journalists had the opportunity to listen to a lecture and ask questions to Stallman.

Richard Stallman is a software developer and a leading activist for the freedom of software. 1983 years began with the project of developing the GNU operating system that is supposed to be completely free software. That same year, Stallman launches Free Software Movement, and in 1985 the Free Software Foundation.

Dr. Stallman is the recipient of many prestigious awards and nine honorary doctorates for life achievement. Tomorrow is a planned part II classes beginning at 17 pm, amphitheater IUS.