International University of Sarajevo (IUS) as higher education institution was founded in the year of 2003, in accordance with the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mission of IUS is primarily education in order to build a better society and the future.

It is also the largest educational investment in B&H and the bridge between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, and the world. IUS has directed all its capacity in investing and building quality educational studies, continues training of academic staff and students, who are preparing to build a better future for Turkey and the Balkans.

Our current activities include handing diplomas to new graduates of academic 2012/2013 year, student enrollment and new promotional campaign. We also plan to organize IUS Spring Festival soon, in whose organization students will participate as they did in previous years by devising and preparing the Festival themselves. This event will be an opportunity for IUS, to once again show its international dimension, expressed through concrete possibility for students to meet young people at the Festival, to show, present and meet "others" and "different" in one place. We are honored that this year's Festival sponsor is the Ministry of Youth and Sports from the Republic of Turkey, and that many renowned artists from Bosnia and Turkey are participating in the Festival as well.

Unfortunately, in the honorable work of providing quality education to young people, IUS sometimes becomes a target of non-benevolent individuals who show the work of this institution in a very tendentious way.

Namely, recently an article was published with false information about the upcoming Spring Festival at IUS. The article presents ugly libel on account of the objectives and the content of the Festival, in the sense that they are not appropriate for an institution of higher education, and that holding this kind of events at the University will have bad influence on the students.

By writing this, we have no intention of justifying ourselves to the public for the accounts we are not guilty for, because the Festival itself will deny all the imposed falsehoods in a very transparent way.

However, I do feel the need to strongly condemn, on behalf of the IUS students and employees and my own, all the presented falsehoods and baseless facts published in the recent article.

Finally, I wish to express my special gratitude to students, in whose interest the Festival is organized, and who reacted and condemned this bad gesture and thereby gave official support to the work of IUS.

Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar Rector, International University of Sarajevo