Psychological support and counseling

Psychological support and counseling

IUS Center for providing psychological support offers a free psychological counseling for all IUS program study students. The goal of counseling is to enable all students a faster and more efficient and relaxed study period as well as generally improve the quality of their daily lives. The students who are dissatisfied with themselves or face different problems during their study period, or have problems in interaction with others, may seek psychological support and help at the counseling center.

The study period as well as any other period in life brings a number of challenges and potential difficulties. If alone or with the help of family and friends the person is not able to overcome those difficulties, then these kind of problems can have a negative impact in achieving academic and life goals in his/her life. In such situations seeking professional help is a wise decision to make.

Confidentiality of information is a fundamental principle of the work of the Counseling center, so that all information given by the potential client will be treated as secret and will be known only to the professional worker with whom they speak. An expert team who will be responsible for providing assistance in counseling is:

• Assist. Prof. Nina Bosankić

• Senior Assist. Selvira Draganović

• Senior Assist. Alma Jeftić

For more information please visit the IUS Student Center. The contact person at the Student Center is Aişe Sümeyye Dal.