Professors of English Language School at IUS participated at ELTA Conference in Belgrade

On Friday, May 11th, and Saturday, May 12th, 2018, professors from English Language School at IUS participated at the ELTA (English Language Teachers’ Association) Conference in Belgrade. Given that the Conference was regional in character, it was extremely important that both Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina had their representatives at the Conference. A special curiosity is that the Conference was held at the Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade, whose Dean, Mr. Danimir Mandic is from Sarajevo. Mr. Mandic greeted professors from Sarajevo with special attention and great respect.

The topic of the Conference was "21st Century Skills" and this was an excellent opportunity for English teachers and experts to reflect on their experiences from the classroom, teaching methods, different ways of solving problems, suggesting new methods and techniques. Distinguished experts from the field of linguistics expressed their opinions in special lectures. 
In accordance with the topic, special attention was given to the lecture by the professor from the English Language School at IUS, Mehtap Ozer Isovic. She talked about effective ways to use social networks to make English classes more interesting and fun. Her lecture presented the ELS and IUS in the best possible way and its modern approach to teaching English.

The conference was attended by the IUS PR Office that promoted the IUS as a whole, as well as the English Language School itself. There was a lot of networking and some very useful contacts have been made. Since ELS is one of the few schools in the region that received the Eaquals accreditation, colleagues from the Region have expressed their great respect for our school and the achieved level of professionalism. Compliments for this go to ELS Director Hilal Karić, to Deputy Director Azra Radaslić, as well as to all teachers and staff for their efforts. 

Using the contacts at the Conference, and having the necessary resources and facilities, we will try to organize conferences of the same type at our University.