Professors from Bahrain visited IUS

On Thursday, September 8th, 2016, group of the professors from Bahrain visited International University of Sarajevo. Professors are founders of the International Institute of Inspiration Economy from Bahrain. Group of 20 professors are included in seven-day program in coordination with few state Bosnian Universities as well as with UN agency.

Following professors visited IUS:  Afaf Al-Othman - Human Inspiration Assessor, Dr. Dunya Ahmed - Chairwoman for Inspiration Economy - Scientific Committee and Socio - economy expert, Chet W. Sisk- Global Youth Leadership Development Expert, Dr. Suher Almundi Media and Development Psychology Expert, Dr. Akbar Jafari -Economics Expert, Dr. Mohamed Buheji- Inspiration and Change Managment Expert IIIE Youth Economy Founder,Ashwaq BuAli- Inspiration and Personal Development Expert, Ms. Ediola Pshollari -Secretary General of the World Assembly of Youth, Dr. Rabeh Morar -Innovation Economics Professor, Prof. Halid Makić - Head of Organizing Committee for Youth Inspiration.

They expressed wish to visit International University of Sarajevo and to learn more about this University. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Senad Bušatlić introduced activities and gave a short lecture about vision and mission of IUS. He also highlighted that IUS is institution which promotes not only academic values but rather long-term learning and combining knowledge and practice. We teach our students to be a part of positive change in their own communities.

We want to express our gratitude for this visit and we hope that our cooperation will be on the higher level in the future.