Professor Midhat Riđanović gave a lecture at IUS

Professor emeritus of English and linguistics at the University of Sarajevo, Dr. Midhat Riđanović gave a lecture entitled “Naive Translation Equivalent” and “A Horror Hierarchy of Errors in Foreign Language Learning” at the International University of Sarajevo on Thursday, December 11th, 2014. During his lecture, Dr. Riđanović spoke about learning and teaching a foreign language, the everyday mistakes in translation and what teaching methods to be applied. As a linguist, he emphasized the fact that in Bosnia translations from English into Bosnian and vice-versa are generally bad, and that at least 90% of all mistakes made in translations refer to translations in the afore mentioned languages. 

Prof. Riđanović said that he is against any prescriptive rules introduced by linguists who are trying to determine how we should talk, we should rather listen to how people really talk. Prof. Midhat Riđanović is a graduate of English Language and Literature and French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He specialized in Phonetics at the University College London. His postgraduate studies in linguistics he completed at the University of Michigan (USA) where he defended his master's degree in linguistics and doctoral dissertation at the same University. He is a member of the European Linguistic Society.