Professor Joseph Lough

Professor Joseph Lough visited IUS

On 21th April, 2014, Prof. Dr. Joseph Lough from the University of California, Berkeley, gave a lecture titled “The Global Economy in Social and Historical Context”. Prof. Dr. Lough started his lecture at the IUS by posing a question: Who is the next world’s superpower?

Then he presented his theories of causes and consequences of the four stages of capital accumulation in the world, starting from Genoese bankers in 16th Century to the US accumulation of capital in the 20th Century. His research interests include classical Greek theories of politics and economics, and the history of social theory.

He is the author of the book “Max Weber and the persistence of religion: capitalism, social theory, and the sublime” (2006). He is currently working on a study exploring the use and abuse of Aristotle's categories in American political theory and practice.