Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu appointed as new Rector of IUS

At its 32nd session, held on September 03rd, 2013, the Senate of the International University of Sarajevo appointed the new Rector of IUS. By unanimous votes given at the meeting, the Senate of the International University of Sarajevo decided to give its trust to distinguished professor of law and previous Vice Rector of the Istanbul Commerce University, Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu, who will serve as future Rector of IUS.

On the occasion of inauguration of the new Rector, in the premises of the large amphitheater, a ceremony was organized and was attended by all employees of the International University of Sarajevo.

The present audience was firstly addressed by former IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar, who said in his speech, that the period he spent at IUS and Bosnia and Herzegovina will serve him as significant experience in his career. Prof. Çınar particularly thanked the IUS Board of Trustees for their deep understanding and exceptional support during his work at IUS, and he also thanked to all his associates for their successful cooperation throughout his charge.

The President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF), Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu, a foundation which established IUS, pointed out in his speech that IUS has directed its all capacities towards investment and building of high-quality academic studies and continues training of academic staff and students.

“This University is the largest educational investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. IUS has the most beautiful campus in B&H and highly qualified academic staff. This new academic year with new Rector at its lead is a great opportunity for a new beginning where we can utilize our human resources and facilities in the best possible way”, said Mr. Topaloğlu.

“The newly appointed Rector Oğurlu has served as Vice Dean, Vice Rector and Acting Deputy to Rector at the private and state universities in Turkey before he was appointed as Rector of IUS. He is the first IUS Rector which has experience in management of educational institutions. We strongly believe that Rector Oğurlu will be successful in his new position, and that he will contribute to improvement and development of IUS, in accordance with the vision and mission set during the foundation of the University back in the year of 2003”.

Newly elected Rector Oğurlu said in his address that it is an exceptional honor and pleasure for him to be at the leading position of the International University of Sarajevo in a friendly country such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that this is his twenty- first year of work at educational institutions and his 10th year of work in the management of university.

"I will direct my experience, knowledge and energy for the welfare of IUS and also for BiH. I am sure that we will work good together, both academic and administrative staff of IUS, and with great support from the IUS Board of Trustees we will contribute in the new restructuring, investment and development of the International University of Sarajevo", stressed Prof. Oğurlu .

Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Istanbul University. He completed his postgraduate and doctoral studies at the prestigious Marmara University. He started his academic career at the Atatürk University and Istanbul Commerce University. Dr. Oğurlu worked twenty- one years as a professor and he also worked as an associate in domestic and international projects.