Prof. Dr. Metin Toprak, an Expert in Bologna Educational Process, Engaged at IUS

The International University of Sarajevo has intensified its activities in order to: improve the quality of education and use of human resources, to achieve more efficient and streamlined internal organizational structure of the University and its future development in the framework of the Bologna process.

Under the leadership of a newly appointed Rector, Prof. Dr. Yucel Oğurlu, the development process for empowerment of teaching staff at IUS is carried out by engaging Prof. Dr. Metin Toprak, a distinguished professor from the University of Istanbul as well.

Dr. Toprak is a skilled expert in the field of economics. He has served as the head of the Department of Industrial and Technological Economics of the Istanbul University, and at the same time he was a member of the Turkish national team for the implementation of the Bologna process in the Turkish Council of Higher Education ( YÖK ) as well as the head of the Turkish working group at the National Qualifications of Framework for Higher Education in Turkey.

Professor Toprak, besides lectures on professional subjects in the field of economics at the Faculty of Business and Administration at IUS, will be engaged in operational activities for improvement of the quality of education at IUS and in activities consistent to implementation of the Bologna process, including the cooperation with relevant B&H and foreign educational institutions, as well as other related organizations (departments, agencies, schools, etc.).

In order to quicken the implementation of planned tasks and more effectively make the realization of the plan, the International University of Sarajevo has created a team of experts, made up of IUS professors and staff titled "The European Common Higher Education Area Evaluation Committee", presided by Prof. Toprak who will intensively work in the future period with its team, in this field.

The team of experts consists of: Prof. Dr. Harry Miller, Asst. Prof. Kenan Zekić, Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhidin Mulalić, Asst. Prof. Dr. Haris Memić and Mr. Enes Dedić, an expert form the Office for Quality Assurance in Education at IUS (Quality Assurance Manager).

The first meeting of the aforementioned working group was held in the premises of IUS, on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013. This group of experts has discussed the current situation on the implementation of the Bologna process in B&H and the transitional period to which IUS belong as well. A consideration to present obstacles for the successful implementation of this process, possible solutions, and current trends in the European Higher Education Area were discussed as well.

Bearing in mind the fact that Dr. Toprak is currently engaged at IUS, the management of IUS has expressed its satisfaction that the University has got a unique opportunity for engagement of this renowned expert, and expressed the hope that his work will lead to innovative approaches, sustainable projects and the investments in education in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Public Relation Office (PR) of the International University of Sarajevo took the opportunity of the presence of Prof. Toprak at IUS, to organize an interview with him on the topic of the current issues, his vision for IUS, Education in Turkey, Bosnia, as well as possible joint projects in the field of education between the two countries.