Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar gave a lecture on ''Drug addiction and technology''

On Friday, May 23rd, 2014 in IUS amphitheater, a lecture was held titled: "Drug addiction and technology". The lecturer was Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar, a professor of psychiatry at the Marmara University in Turkey.

The physical addiction can be assigned and refer to various types of drugs, but we have also the psychological one which is close to the physical one by its manifestations (a feeling as if someone is constantly missing something), but these causes are not manifested because of the narcotic substances. ‘’The person in this case may be addicted to television, the Internet or any other type of modern technology’’ - said Professor Kemal Sayar during his presentation.

He also mentioned the characteristics of these two types of addictions and said that the denial of stimulants lead to crisis and adverse consequences for the dependent person (physical, psychological, economic and social), but also for its environment. Bearing in mind the actuality of this topic for the young individuals, the lecture of Prof. Sayar was attended by many IUS students which at the end of the lecture had the opportunity to interact with the lecturer and asked many questions.