Prof. Dr. Emel Topçu spoke about COVID-19 at Kanal5


Prof. Dr. Emel Topçu, assistant professor at SPS, International University of Sarajevo, evaluated the Covid-19 and the new world order on the Kanal5 live broadcast. Dr. Topçu evaluated the COVID-19 through the European Union and the Islamic world order, by answering the large range of questions from the education system, EU, political and social order.

Touching on the education process, Professor Topçu emphasized that the crisis would be managed easier by institutions that demonstrate the quick and long-term plan ability to organize themselves for the new order. She emphasized that the institution of IUS has shown a flexible and rational management ability to control this process. Hereby, the continuity of her lectures maintained with students living in different parts of the world without interruption.

Professor Topçu stated that postmodern society is more equipped to manage the crises well. She evaluated the COVID-19 through the European Union and the Islamic world. After this threat is over, Greece and Italy will call the EU to account for reasons they are left alone during such a serious pandemic. By evaluating Turkey's situation from Ibn Rushd's perspective, she stated that Turkey reaches maturity for egg-breaking from inside to control a new world order.