Presentation of Company KLIKA Held at IUS

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Co-Founder & CEO Edin Deljković and Marketing Manager Latifa Imamović from the company KLIKA gave a presentation about the company and program KLIKA Praksa.

KLIKA is a software development company located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering outstanding outsourcing and consulting services (big data, cloud-based solutions, enterprise solutions, mobile development, UI/UX, branding and web design).

They have years of experience in IT industry working with big, international clients in Europe and the United States. They are fully functional agile and scrum-driven team able to do almost any type of project and are able to grow their team according to their client needs.

They also presented program KLIKA Praksa which is organized two times a year (fall and spring). During the two-month program KLIKA Praksa, students have the opportunity to learn by doing, through mentorship, gain work experience and to work with a challenging young team.

The event was organized by the IUS Career Center.