Premiere of documentary and exhibition of info graphics

The opening ceremony of the exhibition of info graphics took place on Wednesday 24th of February 2016 at 10:30 am in the art gallery of International University of Sarajevo, as a part of activities of CREDU group which Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta founded.  The exhibition ‘Theory of film and visual arts’ opened with short documentary film called “Disney’s Dark Kingdom” which talks about the creator of the fairytales of our generation in a controversial way. Info graphics from theory of film and visual arts originated towards researches and published works of professor Panjeta. The main designer is Zlata Delić. Topics of works are from the field of film and cultural studies and the project was supported by the Canton Ministry of culture and sports.  On this occasion minister Kurić visited IUS and emphasized the importance of education and academic approach for basic professional practice in visual and film arts, especially for young authors and artists.

CREDU is a group of authors, university researchers and visual artists from the study program VACD of IUS.  Professors and graduates work together on the projects of design and film for a simple goal: to make studying in film studies and visual arts simple, clear, shorter in terms of time, easier to understand and visually attractive.  Finding new methods of mapping in visual memorization on different topics of film studies and art theory is the main task of projects of short documentaries, info graphic posters and presentations.  The author of the researches, scenarios and texts is Lejla Panjeta and authors of illustrations and designers are Zlata Delić, Roman Sulejmanpasic, Mustafa Furkan Hizir, Muhammed Suicmez, Haris Heljo and Emir Hambo.  Scenarist and producer of the film is Lejla Panjeta, and director is Emir Klepo. Premier of the film was at the same time shown on the website of BH film portal

“We want to make understanding easier and more interesting”. - says CREDU with its first project.