Other dimensions of student exchange

Mobility program enables students to access new sources of knowledge, practice and to work on thesis and scientific projects. Besides academic success, the most important contribution of mobility for students is the cultural and social values they acquire. Meeting new cultures, learning foreign languages, acquiring new experiences, and becoming independent for future life are dimensions of exchange that have left a mark on the lives of young people. 

Mihaela Božović, successful and talented IR student, who spent her spring semester on famous Marmara University in Istanbul, thinks that a mobility is a good lifetime opportunity. “If you can, use the mobility programs. This exchange was a big bonus in my life”.

During her stay abroad, Mihaela used her time properly by participating in various activities from her field of study as well as cultural activities.She participated in Amnesty International and Rosa Luxembourg foundation conferences, and also in UN World Summit of young people, in the period from 22nd  to 24th of May 2016. in Istanbul. She volunteered and actively participated in many projects. This summit brought together young people from different countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Venezuela, etc., and it consisted of workshops, lectures and open debates on current issues of the world. "The Summit was an ideal opportunity for me to meet in one place a lot of young people from different cultures, learn more about their approach to the challenges and problems that our societies face today. I had a chance to meet celebrities and experts in the field of international relations, I currently study." 

Mihaela has been given an opportunity to be part of a team of students who participated in one commercial of a well known company in Istanbul. Commercial gathered international students from Mongolia, Botswana, Poland, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Video was filmed in Istanbul. For more information please visit the link: https://vimeo.com/166732353