Orientation day for freshmen students at IUS

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, the Orientation day for freshmen students took place at IUS. This was the great opportunity for our new students to familiarize themselves with the staff and facilities of IUS.

Students were welcomed in the main amphitheater, where the IRO manager, Zuhal Guvener welcomed them and introduced to the agenda, mentioning that all academic and administrative units, working together, make it possible for IUS to be a successful university, and all its members to be a part of the family.

The rector of IUS, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yildirim welcomed the students to our institution, emphasizing the importance (apart from other subjects) of English language. He also recommended to foreign students to learn Bosnian language while here, as a great opportunity to learn one more language.

Career Center was represented by its manager, Indira Hasanovic, who explained its role in gaining skills and finding traineeship for students, where they gain their first work experience. This office is also responsible for the recruitment of volunteers.

The Coordinator for Graduation and Student Services, Naida Gego introduced the Students Affairs Office, reminding the students that it is the office they have already gone through, and it is the place where they will get their certificates, transcripts, and other documents.

SCHSA department was introduced by SCHSA assistant, Mugdim Alihodzic, who reminded students that this office doesn’t only deal with social, cultural, health and sports activities, but with the residence permits and visa procedures as well.

PR manager, Mirnes Baltic explained the role of this office, reminding that everything that they see outside the IUS is cooked in this office. It includes IUS logos, posters, banners, advertisements, announcements, and other promo materials. He also reminded that PR office is responsible for organizing the main event of Scholarship testing, inviting students to join our volunteers’ army, so we can go public together.

The director of Life Long Learning Centre and English Language School, Hilal Karic introduced the variety of courses, seminars, training, and programs, organized by LLLC and the importance of learning different skills, apart from university subjects. She reminded that ELS will have a separate Orientation day.

International Relations Officer, Velida Mirica Handzic explained the advantage of the Erasmus program and possibilities for all students to study abroad for, at least, one semester. She described it as a life-changing event.

President of Student Parliament Ismail Čidić also welcomed the freshmen students, inviting them to be active members of the Parliament. He told them that at IUS, students, academicians, and administrative staff work together, helping each other, making a good team.

Zuhal Guvener than briefly introduced the Library, IT Center, SEDEF and Anadoly University Office.

After the introductory session, the students were offered refreshments where they had the opportunity to do some networking and get to know each other.

Students were then given a tour round the campus, visiting the Architecture lab, TV studio, Research and Development Center, Library and other IUS facilities.

We wish to all freshmen students hearty welcome to our university, and to IUS family.