Opportunities for Collaboration with Istanbul Technical University: Dual Diplomas, Academic Exchange, Transfer of Know-How, Projects, and Incubation

On January 22, 2019, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), gave a lecture for International University of Sarajevo (IUS) students and staff, titled: ”Universities in 21st Century”. He spoke about how universities have transformed since the 19th century, and revealed several excellent opportunities that IUS academic staff, students, and the university as a whole can benefit from. The opportunities are coming along with the dual diplomas between the IUS and ITU. The success of ongoing collaboration that includes dual diploma programs in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, economics, and architecture, could also be a milestone for the future collaboration, too.

Rector Karaca started his lecture by giving, as he said: “his personal view as former dean of graduate school, vice rector, and now rector of the ITU, on how the universities are changing and transforming and what will happen in the future”. He said that contemporary and popular topics in higher education are: production of knowledge and information, science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, social responsibility, global awareness and competition, etc. He also gave his view of what 21 century university objectives should be not only focusing on education, research, and exploitation of know-how, but also innovation. The second part of his lecture was devoted to presentation about the ITU’s science and technology park, its organization and ecosystem.

Towards the end of his lecture, Rector Karaca made announcements regarding opportunities that the ITU offers for the IUS students and staff. Firstly, five students of IUS will receive scholarships for summer school at the ITU in 2019. Secondly, he announced that dual diploma programs will be started in the fields of Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Economics. Thirdly, Rector Karaca announced that ITU will support some link projects in research financially (beginning with 5000$). And finally, the ITU rector announced the willingness to transfer the know-how with the IUS with an aim to start a university incubator for startups.

During the Q&A session that followed the lecture, President of the IUS Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Hasan Zuhuri Sarıkaya said: “We really appreciate the contribution. This is one of the steps we are taking to adapt ourselves to changing environment. It was very briefly mentioned that if you do not adapt yourself to changing conditions you cannot survive.” The IUS Rector Ahmet Yıldırım also thanked the guests from ITU for the opportunities, and said that now IUS academic staff and students have a responsibility to use these opportunities with great care and for the transformation and continuity of the IUS.

After the Q&A session the IUS and ITU delegations headed for a meeting at the IUS senate room.