Open Door Day in the "Maarif Koledž" Gymnasium

Today the “Maarif Koledž”gymnasium in Sarajevo, hosted the Open Door Day and socializing with potential new students and their parents.

The goal of the Open Door Day is to introduce future students to the work of this school, and the basic principles on which the educational process at the “Maarif Koledž”gymnasium is based, starting with the monitoring of teaching with smart boards and up-to-date educational methods. It was emphasized that the specificity of the school "Maarif Koledž” lies in the introduction of the so-called guiding system (guiding counsellors) from the 1st to the 4th grade, modelled on the International University of Sarajevo, where teachers as mentors monitor the progress of students, and help them in choosing directions and future careers .

The school Principal, Mrs. Mubera Halilčević, emphasized that the goal of the Open Door Day is to present to the future students and their parents the content of the line of study for Information and communication technologies and the line of study for ​​Visual communication and design, and what are the advantages that these two lines offer. Also, the present students and their parents could learn all the Cantonal and Cambridge curriculum.

As part of the Open Door Day, a reception was held on the occasion of the Day of School.

The Gymnasium "Maarif Koledž" was founded by the "Foundation for Education Development" Sarajevo. The school is located next to the building of the First Private Elementary School "Isa-beg Ishaković" in the Vraca campus.