Online teaching successfully conducted at IUS

Aware of the situation we are in, but also respecting the recommendations for physical distance, International University of Sarajevo has adapted all its activities to online communication and teaching/ studying from home. All faculties offer their lectures online, and after conducting our re-evaluation, we came out with the following statistics:

Faculty of Art and Social Sciences (FASS) is delivering 84 courses this semester. FASS instructors have assigned at least 250 tasks to be completed between March 16 and April 17. The attendance records show that on average 80% of FASS students regularly attend the online sessions.

Faculty of Law (FLW) offered 19 courses in spring 2020, which are actively being conducted on the Teams platform. Through these 19 FLW courses, more than 300 hours of online teaching activities have been offered since the suspension of on campus/in class teaching in BiH.

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) offers 97 Classes online, and 92 of them use Teams. About 1500 hours of documented online education has been completed at FENS.

Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) lecturers teach 42 courses. For delivering the classes, FBA instructors have used the following platforms: Email, Moodle, MSTeams, Skype, Viber and Zoom. Since March 12 until today, 742 hours of teaching have been held by the FBA teachers.

The overall statistics of the IUS shows: During last 4 weeks 107 academics and about 1.500 students conducted more than 242.640 minutes of online lectures.

During Online office hours 36.787 minutes were spent in Teams chat, 79.341 in Individual chat and more than 13.200 minutes in video conferences.

Last week IUS started organizing our midterm exams/projects, and we are doing well so far; our students' academic needs are met and their progress is closely supervised.

Rector of IUS, Prof Dr Ahmet YILDIRIM, stated “Nothing will be the same ofter Covid 19 pandemics. Every business in the world will change shape and most of them will adjust themselves to online approaches. Education will most probably switch to online systems to provide sustainable education for the students. As IUS, we have reacted this crisis very quickly and immediately carried our education activities to online platforms. Now we are given all of our classes, homework, quizzes and exams through online platforms and we are ready for future challenges as well. I am proud of our staff and students for handling this crisis successfully and supporting each other.”

IUS is proud with the overall achievements of our students and professors, and appreciates their fast adaptation to this sensitive situation. We recommend all of them to stay safe and are looking forward to our in class lectures. Stay home. Stay safe.