A new publication by IUS Balkan Studies Center (BSC)

Balkan Studies Center (BSC), one of the research centers operating at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), has published analysis entitled "Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Berlin Process: Analysis of Key Processes in BiH ahead of the London Summit in 2018."

The authors of the publication are IUS professors Dr. Admir Mulaosmanović, Dr. Mirsad Karić, Ahmed Kulanić, Dr. Emil Knezović, Hamza Preljević, and Ph.D. candidate Almir Mustafić.

The publication focuses on the analysis of the several key processes and published documents initiated and/or supported by the EU and the US, in addition it attempts to set the key aims and recommendations for ensuring the lasting peace and prosperity. The analysis itself is a contribution of Bosnian and Herzegovinian public and academic community to discussion over the future of the State and the Balkan region in relation to the establishment of democratic principles, the rule of law, but also the creation of solid base for overall prosperity of both Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Balkan Studies Center Director and one of the authors of the publication, Prof. Dr. Admir Mulaosmanovic, stressed that this publication should define the framework for negotiating position of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the upcoming London Summit, which is to be held in mid-July this year.

"Recommendations given stand for concrete measures, stronger alliances and cooperation between BiH and international institutions, and successful implementation of reforms that will strengthen the State -Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Dr. Mulaosmanovic.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhidin Mulalić, a reviewer of the publication,  among other things emphasized the importance of involving academic communitiy in solving current state issues and processes. "This research work, with an excellent organizational structure, a deep analysis of key processes, identifying key issues, and solid conclusions and recommendations, is a significant contribution of the Balkan Studies Center and International Universitiy of Sarajevo. The Balkan Studies Center and authors of the research project demonstrated constructive engagement of academic community in solving key political processes, policies and activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, " said Dr. Mulalić.

Balkan Studies Center emphasizes that the hard-copy of the publication will be delivered to all key addresses that can contribute to solving main processes in the country, while electronic version can be dowloaded from the Center's website.